Klaviyo is a cloud-based email marketing platform for online businesses that features email marketing combined with campaigns through social media. It allows for the efficient targeting, personalization, monitoring, and optimization of marketing campaigns.

You now will have access to powerful referral marketing tools while still maintaining the email features you’ve come to enjoy with Klaviyo.

How to integrate, step by step

1. From the ReferralCandy dashboard > select Connect Apps from the side-pane > then select Klaviyo 

2. Now select the linked text: Get my API Key

  • This will bring you straight to the API Key section of Klaviyo
  • Select Create API Key and label it ReferralCandy

3. Copy the Private API Key that was generated and paste that onto the given area in the ReferralCandy dashboard and select the Connect to Klaviyo button.

4. Upon connecting we will scan your Klaviyo lists and prompt you to check any/all which you would like to integrate w/ ReferralCandy

Note: You may refresh the page to see the current status of the list sync.

5. Once sync has been completed, the Klaviyo page should look like this:

Enrolled Customers

  • Unique referral links will be generated for each enrolled customer in the connected Klaviyo lists
  • You will know that the customer has had a referral link generated for them because they will be tagged as "Joined ReferralCandy Program" and they will have the merge field "ReferralCandy Referral Link"
  • As part of the process of generating a referral link for your customers, we may generate or consume coupon codes on your eCommerce platform as well if you have chosen that option as your reward.

How to insert unique referral links into your emails

1. After successfully integrating with ReferralCandy, head over to Email Templates and choose the one you’d like to use to send your customers.

2. In the template editor, select the block you’d like to add the unique referral link to. Open the Insert Property drop-down and choose referralcandy_referral_link, select Save and you’re good to go!

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