A customer can participate or be enrolled in your referral program and become an advocate in one of the following ways:

  • If your store has post-purchase referral emails enabled, each customer is sent a referral email upon making a purchase. Once the referral email is sent, the customer is considered an advocate.
  • To enroll existing customers into your referral program, you can use the Invite Advocates feature. This feature sends referral emails to your existing customers and automatically adds them as advocates in your referral program. (What is the Invite Advocates feature?)
  • If your store allows visitors to sign up for your referral program, you can direct visitors to your store’s ReferralCandy Portal Access Page. Once they sign up, they become advocates and participate in your referral program. Your advocates will not receive a referral email and can start sharing immediately through their Portal Sharing Page.

​(Embed a Front Page Signup Widget that links to my store's ReferralCandy Portal Access Page.)

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