(Accurate as of 15 Dec 2016)

This article outlines steps needed to install the Post-Purchase Popup Widget specifically on the CrateJoy platform. Please ensure that you've integrated ReferralCandy properly before inserting the Post-Purchase Popup.

Step 1: ReferralCandy Dashboard

  1. Go to ReferralCandy.
  2. Go to the Widgets page.
  3. Go to “Post-Purchase Popup Widget” and copy the code inside the yellow box.

Step 2: CrateJoy Dashboard

To test whether the installation is correct:

  1. Make a purchase at your store.
  2. At the Thank You page, a popup should appear. The referral link in the popup should be generated based on the first and last name that you used during checkout (e.g. http://example.refr.cc/johns).
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