Before Starting:

This article is for the post purchase popup that works with JavaScript Integration. If you are using Email Integration or API Integration check out the Post Purchase Popup Widget.

Javascript Integration with Post Purchase Popup

  1. Follow the same steps as JavaScript Integration*.
  2. Check the box that says "Show Post Purchase Popup" under JavaScript Integration on your ReferralCandy Integration page.
  3. That's it!
     The Post purchase popup should look like this:
  • If you only want to enrol customers who have consented to marketing in the referral program, you need to let us know whether they have consented. You can do this by populating the 'data-accepts-marketing' field when the script is loaded. If 'data-accepts-marketing' is set to false, the customer will still be shown the post-purchase popup, but they will be unsubscribed by default. Only if they click 'Share Invite Link' will they be subscribed to receive emails from your referral program. If 'data-accepts-marketing' is set to true, the customer will be shown the post-purchase popup and subscribed by default. Only if the customer clicks 'No Thanks' will they be unsubscribed from your referral program emails.
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