Each ReferralCandy account comes with a ReferralCandy Advocate Portal. The Portal directs visitors to their personal Sharing and Rewards Pages (via their email address).

The ReferralCandy Advocate Portal provides your customers with easy access to their sharing options (e.g. email, Facebook, Twitter), and enables them to track their earned rewards!

(The ReferralCandy Advocate Portal above has been produced with our new template system. If you are using the old dashboard and want to upgrade, please contact us.)

There are two modes for the ReferralCandy Advocate Portal:

To toggle between these 2 modes, please refer to this help article.

‚ÄčNote: Your referral campaign must be Active / Paused in order for the ReferralCandy Advocate Portal to appear. When your campaign is Stopped, the ReferralCandy Portal URL will redirect to your Store URL instead.‚Äč

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