Referred purchases will only count toward rewards after this review period.

The referred purchase review period feature allows you to define the length of time after a referred purchase takes place when you are able to review the details of the referred purchase and determine if it needs to be deleted (due to a customer return) or if the referral needs to be voided (due to a fraudulent referral).

Within the review period of the 1st referred purchase made by a advocate's friend, you can void a referral as invalid. Future purchases made by the advocate's friend will not be considered referred purchase. Within the review period of all referred purchases, you can delete a purchase. Hence, the review period is typically set in line with your return policy to take into account any cancelled or returned purchases.

To update the referred purchase review period for your account:

  1. Go to the Referral Reward section of your dashboard
  2. Go to the box with the title "Conditions for reward"
  3. In the item "The reward will be sent...", click the "[Edit]" link
  4. Select the number of days you'd like to set the referred purchase review period to be and it will be automatically saved

However, please read through the worked example below to understand how the review period and updating a referral reward may affect the reward issued to an Advocate.

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