You are able to decide how many of a friend's purchases that will count toward a reward for the advocate.

For example, if you set this to "A friend's first purchase + 1 of friend's subsequent purchase" (this example assumes that it takes 1 referred purchase to get 1 reward):

  1. Mary shares her referral link with Joe.
  2. Joe clicks the referral link and clicks through to your store.
  3. Joe makes a purchase at your store, and the app detects that Mary has made a referral.
  4. A reward is sent to Mary.
  5. Joe makes a second purchase at your store. The app detects this and that Mary is eligible for a reward for Joe's second purchase.
  6. A reward is sent to Mary for Joe's second purchase.
  7. Joe makes a third purchase at your store. The app detects this but does not send a reward to Mary (as you've only set the system to reward advocates for a friend's first 2 purchases).

To change this setting:

  1. Go to your Referral Reward page.
  2. Go to the box with the title "Conditions for reward".
  3. In the item "The advocate will be rewarded for the friend’s...", click the "[Edit]" link.
  4. Select the number of repeat purchases by a friend you'd like to reward the advocate for and it will be automatically saved.

Note: ReferralCandy only charges commission on the first 3 purchases that a referred friend makes from any given advocate's referral link.

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